Stuff about Stuff

What can I say…People always have stuff to talk about.  I am just providing a free place for everyone to talk about stuff.  Sure I guess I could have made this into some lame website that sells “Stuff”, but that would be too easy. 

Let me start by explaining some of the stuff that goes on within the website. 

The Stories section is some of the featured stories that I have selected from the forums.  I will also consider posting papers that are interesting and help others trying to get published into a more prestigious publication.

Download stuff is an area that contains links for totally free stuff.  To submit a new link either post it on the forum or you can e-mail me with the information, I will review it and post it once I verify the quality of the download.

The Photo Gallery I will try to update monthly with various stuff posted on the forum.  The photos will be selected by image quality, tastefulness/strangeness of the photo, and forum feedback.

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